Why Should Our Organization Receive Accreditation?

The Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Program is voluntary and designed to improve an agency’s effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism; promote training and foster public confidence in law enforcement.

Accreditation provides formal recognition that an agency meets or exceeds expectations of quality; demonstrates that the agency performs in a professional manner, has formalized policies in place to govern its operational practices and procedures, and that its employees contribute to the agency's mission and know what is expected of them.

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See Where Your State Stands

In addition to fostering excellence, accreditation offers observable and quantifiable outcomes for reaching that objective.

It is interesting to know that New York was the first state in the country to sponsor a law enforcement accreditation program in 1989.

This link shows where your state stands.  You can see if your accreditation is in place in your state.


Our firm is able to work nationwide, within all states. There are numerous advantages to seeking state or national accreditation, such as:

  • A rise in backing from local and national authorities. An authorized organization proves its dedication to quality, resource management, and service delivery by meeting objective requirements. This, in turn, encourages government officials to have faith in the agency's capacity to serve the community successfully and efficiently.
  • Increased social credibility. Law enforcement and the general public can collaborate through accreditation programs to prevent and manage community problems and enhance communication.
  • A decrease in expenses, liabilities, and risk. Accredited organizations might experience a decrease in lawsuits filed against them and be better equipped to handle civil litigation in the event that it does occur. Additionally, a lot of organizations claim reduced expenses for liability insurance or even the repayment of accreditation fees.
  • Responsibility. A tried-and-true framework of accreditation criteria underpins professional policing, resource distribution, and high-level decision-making.

Getting Started

We assist in your accreditation by building files, gathering proof, and updating policies. 

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Policy Manual Review

It is essential to review the manual and policies for possible updates to language and procedures.

File Construction

File folders are then constructed to meet and comply with the requirements of accreditation standards. 

Transformational Consulting, LLC

Mock Assessments

We will provide feedback, and correct any errors  before your actual live assessment.