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Offering Accreditation Services, Conflict Resolution, and Wellness Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

Premier Consulting Firm in the New York Area

Transformational Consulting, LLC has been a premier consulting firm in the New York area for over a decade. With our roots in New York and our reach extending to Connecticut and New Jersey, we've made a significant impact in various sectors. Our strength lies in our unique approach in each of our specific areas - Law Enforcement Accreditation, Conflict Resolution and Wellness Solutions.

Accreditation and Holistic Support

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Law Enforcement Accreditation

We've worked with more than 35 police departments, providing invaluable support in the journey towards law enforcement accreditation. Our holistic approach combines industry best practices and whole wellness, for the individual and the organization, setting us apart from traditional consulting firms.

Transformational Consulting, LLC

Conflict Resolution Expertise

As a female-led company, we understand the importance of inclusive and effective conflict resolution. Our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to facilitate constructive dialogue and resolution between conflicting parties. 

Transformational Consulting, LLC

Wellness and Healing

Wellness and healing are at the heart of our consulting services. Our unique approach is a testament to our commitment to holistic growth and development. 

Our Expertise

Our experience isn't just a badge of honor; it’s a commitment to making a positive impact. You will be supported by a team with a proven track record and a passion for transformation.